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  • 21 June 2016
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Please please please sort out the list view.

Make sort functions sort the ENTIRE list of endpoints, not just the 50 on that page of the list. If I sort by username, sort THE ENTIRE LIST by username, not just the individual pages. Webroot is the only console I've ever worked with that doesn't sort globally, and it's frankly bizarre, and makes searching through it more cumbersome than it should be.
Also, please provide the option to show more than 50 endpoints per page, e.g.50, 100, 150, 200, all.
Can you please also make the policy pane below the list resizable or give the ability to toggle its visibility, to give more space for the list pane.

3 replies

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The ability to sort more than 50 per page IS available.
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Duplicate of this one:
Please go vote that one up to make sure your request is counted.
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Duplicate idea.