Manage Identity Shield [Protected Applications][Protected Websites]

  • 22 May 2013
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The WSA console does not let you manage Identity Shield other than a few generic settings. 
Please add the ability to manage
1.) Protected Applications policy and console-wide
2.) Protected Websites policy and console-wide
You can send commands to protect/unprotect an application but this is a troubleshooting method rather than a policy.
Businesses need to protect credential inputs to more than just web browsers. Adding this management feature would virtually be a new feature Webroot can tout.

8 replies

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While we recognize this is a feature that a number of customers have asked for, the work required to create this feature would be complex and lengthy. If there is increased demand for the feature, it's something we can look at doing, but at the moment it is not something we're planning to do.
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There are many LOB applications that would benefit from specialized keylogging protection. We're not all in the cloud yet 😞
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I would love to add some keylogging protection against some of our LOB apps.
Our terrible, terrible LOB apps...
I support this!  We can select a group of computers and specify a protected application that way, which is fine.  But in a constantly growing business, we'd have to remember to do this each time.  Making this a policy setting would save the day.
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We are reviewing all feature requests - switching status to get it into the appropriate queue.
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We constantly have clients that get blocked programs, its a struggle to set up a remote session just to see what the actual file that I need to add to their whitelist is. This should just be another tab next to Blocked Files / Blocked URLS / *Blocked Programs as the files blocked by ID protection don't show up under blocked files.
Please add the option to view blocked programs that are getting blocked by the Identity shield from the managment console.
It is difficult to connect each time to the client's machine to review what's getting blocked.
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Thank you for your suggestion, we are working to add this functionality but do not have a release date yet. This is a complex piece of functionality which requires work across multiple teams. Our product teams are in the process of coordinating their efforts to identify the best path forward.