Managing Quarantined Items from the Central Portal

  • 30 August 2016
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In this day and age when we can manage almost every aspect of security via a single portal, I don't understand why we still can't clean up already quaratined files and completely remove them from the system.
Webroot alerts me that there is a possibly dangerous file and automatically quarantines the file. I log into the portal and check to see what has been quarantined and from here I should have the ability to restore it from quarantine or remove it from quarantine permanently.
Instead I have to take the user out of its Policy, set it to unmanaged, remote to the users desktop, refresh the policy and then manually delete the quaratined file. This is a huge waste of time (especially when dealing with a large client base), when something so simple can be integrated into the web portal.

2 replies

There is already a Feature Request for this:
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Duplicate idea.