Mobile Protection for GSM Partners

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Can we please have the ability for partners to add/sell Mobile Protection via their GSM console?

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We have asked for this for the past three-four years with no change.
We have seen that the product can be added to the standard business license, which all *looks* like the same GSM. However we cannot use it.
It was suggested to us last year that we purchase a minimum set of mobile licenses and then we could have those setup into a mobile site for each client. This couldn't be done so all 100 endpoints are in one console. We are working with this for the clients requesting mobile protection.
What I have ulitimately been told is the that the database structures are different and so te MSP program cannot sell the mobile service.
I would like to be able to sell it. We have clients with company phones that should be managed and this is a great entry level way to manage everything in one place.
Kind Regards,
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Strangley enough, my distributor has just told me they can supply mobile to GSM customers.
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We have a mobile console, however it is a separate console outside of our standard GSMs. We are buying Direct from Webroot as an MSP. We had originally been buying through a distributor that we purchase other hardware and software from. Kind Regards, Chris
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We appreciate your suggestion and have taken it into consideration. We are working on adding a number of improvements to the console and will be looking for additional suggestions in the coming year.

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