MSP issue: GSM-Site Only Admins can see all other Admins and domains hosted.

  • 26 December 2018
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You have a lot of useful reports that are only accessible through the GSM. We are an MSP with 60+ customers and we have organizations who want access to those reports.
ie: DNS Protect: DNS: Top Active Hosts. 
We have several customers who want to use this to monitor their users web activity at work.
The problem is when they login to the they can see the Admins tab. Once they click on it, they see all the webroot admin accounts. They can also click them and then Site Permissions and see every single domain name listed.
We can't use your product for those services if it will give them access to other customers names. They will certainly grow concerned that others will be able to see theirs.
-Recommend removing Admin tab access from site only admins, or creating another user type that doesn't have access to see other users data.


1 reply

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Just posted this same request. The inability to remove the Admins tab from a client side admin makes the product not usable if we want to allow clients to administer their own site.