Need ability to force a complete file system scan

Hello. There are instances where I need to be able to scan an entire volume's file system, and if I can do it from the dashboard instead of manually right clicking on a C drive would be a big time savings.
Today I had an agent that was reporting the same infection and it wasn't until I scanned the entire C drive file system that 70+ other infected files were found and neutralized. I have had 2 tech support reps in 2018 tell me that its not possible to submit an agent command, to scan the "C:" folder, and have that work. I could really use this, or a separate command listed in the dashboard menus as a choice.
Further, I need it to scan now (or when the agent polls home). I understand that scans submitted as agent commands are subject to 'within the next 24 hours,' and that's a potentially long time for a virus to be allowed to operate.
Hate to sound greedy but if it can cleanup automatically without user intervention, that would really eliminate a tech needing to logon, start a scan, and stare for 2 hours, then another 2 hours after the cleanup...
Appreciate your time and consideration.

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