Need an Alert and Report for endpoints Not Seen Recently

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I'm almost positive that this has been posted here before, but, as a larger MSP, we manage thousands and thousands of endpoints across multiple GSM's.

We are looking for a report (email and export to csv) and the ability to send an alert if an endpoint doesn't meet a certain set criteria for "being seen."

It has come up for both billing purposes as well as a situation where an endpoint had become compromised because the agent was removed forcefully and we had no idea because we don't have fast access to a report or an alert that the endpoint wasn't "seen."

Now yes, I've already been told about the data filter and the Groups button where you can select all the sites in a GSM and from the drop down show "not seen recently." But that doesn't alert us for, say, a system, that hasn't checked in in 2 weeks. And that is a very manual process. Especially if you have 4 GSM's with thousands of sites and endpoints.

Why, if, the Groups, can show "not seen recently," that we cannot make an alert and a report to send to us to show us this data without having to go into each GSM?

Please kudo this if you are a GSM user or MSP that needs to have this information to better manage our client base.

John H

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