• 13 August 2013
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Sometimes when you are managing 100's of devices the host name can become a bit cryptic.  Add a note field to allow us to add notes for the devices.  If you limit the number of charaters to 40-50 then make four text boxes that could contain (for example) user name, department, branch, and serial number.  You should be able to sort on a report for these items.
With out it then we would have to run to another system to identify what the host is, which is what I have to do today.   Obvously some kind of import to those fields via text, comma delimited, or xml would be nice using the host name as the index, with an option to over write what is in the current field so it can be updated from the external system.
Better yet is a way for the external system to update the system automaticlly by making some kind of call to your system.  Obvously should require some kind of password and should only be limited to updating the four fields.

4 replies

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This is definitely a good idea, but an idea already exists for it. Could you please add your kudo to this idea?
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Maybe it is just me JimM ... linking back to the topic and marking it as "Duplicate Idea" is bad form.
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I'm sorry David, but it helps reduce the strain on users when they are trying to locate a topic, and it helps our product managers keep track of idea popularity better when the comments about an idea are not spread out over multiple topics.
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Duplicate idea.