Notify the system administrator that an endpoint has removed Webroot

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Notify or Alert the system administrator that an endpoint has removed Webroot.

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I'd like to expand slightly on the original request - I noticed just now that a computer which I'd upgraded (clean install) was showing up TWICE in the Webroot Anywhere console; the older copy of the computer of course had not checked in to the cloud service in the three weeks since it had been upgraded. AND I'D RECEIVED NO NOTICE FROM WEBROOT of this out-of-touch computer. Nor did the computer even show up with a warning on the web console.
Three weeks without hearing from an endpoing should provoke an active warning pushed out to the administrator by email, etc.
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Agreed - this is important to know... especially with lots of endpoints.
Yes please, this would be really helpful! 
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One of the complexities of this request is if the user uninstalls the software when having no internet connection...
At this point, the software will not be able to succeed in letting us know the uninstall has occurred, meaning we could fall into a situation where *some* uninstalls could be alerted to, but others not :
There should be a means of leaving a script scheduled by windows management task that will attempt to connect to the webroot servers to update the status of the missing software and not consider itself complete until that has been done.  I would very much like this, we have a large number of smaller organizations and trying to keep them all straight and our licenses used ONLY on active machines is rather time consuming.
+1 - this would be incredibly handy, and could be accomplished in Windows fairly easily, using built-in capabilities such as Scheduled Tasks, Message Queueing, etc. Plus a little dev time, obviously.
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We appreciate your suggestion and have taken it into consideration. We are working on a complete transformation of the alerts and reporting functionality, which we are currently planning to release towards the end of 2018. Once that update has been rolled out, we will look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new functionality. Thank you!


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