Overrides Path Enhancements

  • 18 April 2018
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I was surprised to find that Webroot does not support the use of user environment variables under Overrides.  We would like to exclude certain directories under the users profile, but can't do so without creating an explicit override for each user since %userprofile%, for example isn't supported.  Obviously creating a separate override for each user in the company is just not practical.
Example: for my development team, I would like to exclude all directories related to Visual Studio.  The path I would need to exclude is c:users<username>DocumentsVisual Studio 2015
c:users<username>DocumentsVisual Studio 2017
Allowing me to use %userprofile% and a wildcard character would allow me to cover all users and all current and future versions of Visual Studio with the following:
%userprofile%documentsVisual Studio*

2 replies

Please tell me this isn’t still the case?

I see the original request was a while ago but showing as open still. We have the same issue. RDS server where users run applications from and those apps save DLL’s and such to the user’s Appdata\local folder. The inability to exclude a selected subfolder within %userprofile% is affecting our client who has been told by the app provider (in this case Sage) to exclude a folder from scanning to get around performance issues with Sage. I really do not want to have to exclude C:\Users\*.* of course!