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Password protection to managed endpoints from console

  • 7 October 2019
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Good morning,

As many has previously requested there is very much needed feature to webroot secure anywhere. If it was possible to set a password to locally manage an installation of their Av rather than any user being able to tamper with it as they see fit. Allowing users to manage it while still being somewhat in control of their actions would stop a lot of issues. If someone malicious were to get access to the computer they could very easily uninstall the AV and then do whatever they please, this is a very real case that has happened. Sure it is a good AV but if it isn't there to protect anything then what will you do? As of yet you can stop users from tampering with the VA completely through policies but that would really stop any trouble shooting as you would have to wait for the end user to receive the update. This has been a requested feature since at least 2015. If you could put some form of verification to tamper with the VA so that we can at least make sure that it is not meant to harm anyone while still being able to troubleshoot.

Thanks beforehand,
Mattias at Regiondata

1 reply

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Welcome to the Webroot Community @Regiondata!

I hate to say it, but you're correct that this is an old issue. You can see an idea I posted sometime back about this issue. It might give you some ideas to try, until a solution is implemented.

I doubt they will fix it, unless enough of us vote to have it added and even then, it's a long shot. So, I suggest we vote on each others ideas and hope others do the same. Don't forget to vote on your own idea, the system doesn't do so automatically.