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  • 16 January 2013
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Hi Guys
Just an idea within regards to the above mentioned. We have configured a daily report to be sent out to a Distro list. Below is an example of that report:
Group: Clients
Host Name:XXXX (
Opr. System: Win7 64bit  (SP1)
LastSeen on : Jan 16 2013  6:50:33AM,
Attacked on: Jan 15 2013  5:00:14PM by 1 infections/suspicious objects
LastScan at: Jan 15 2013 11:01:10AM
Policy: XXXX Active Policy
It would be great that when this automated report is sent out, it could be a little more informative. 
- Include name of file from which threat was detected.
- Threat detected as
- Action Taken Qurrantined etc
i know this information is available on the Web console however as a PC Attack Summary  report it would be nice to have this information included. 
Great Job.....Awesome Product.... 

2 replies

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Hello, this idea appears to be a duplicate of Please add your kudos to that idea. Thanks 🙂
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Duplicate idea.