PCI DSS Compliance - Log Server Event Forwarding

  • 3 December 2019
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In order to be PCI DSS Compliant we require the ability to forward events to a log server.


I love your product and would like to use it at the company that I am currently working for, and for some other companies that I consult with.


The sole issue that I see is that there is no way to forward (retain) the event records of a client as issues are detected?


Is there a way to do this?  Is this something that Webroot for Business going to support?


This would be a great help to a forensic analysis for intrusions.


Moreover any serious security setup in a company must have a centralized logging capability in aid of a forensic investigation to understand what happened.


The AntiVirus/AntiMalware tools are at the top of the list and it looks like Webroot does not want to be considered as part of this set of tools.  Hard to understand that Webroot being a security tool does not want to be included.


For any serious security organization the lack of extended and/or centralized logging forwarding is a game changer, meaning the it cannot be considered as part of an organization that is thinking of creating in depth investigation on how, what, when and where an intrusion came about.


From my point of view this is UNBELIEVABLE that Webroot after so many years is not doing anything about it.  What the cost of forwarding log entries is too expensive?  Then allow the endpoints to send/forward the events, in a store forward fashion.  Meaning if they can’t at some locations it will store till it can forward.


So please please make it possible for us in the security community to consider seriously the Webroot product as part of our arsenal of product to assist in securing our data and intellectual property.


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