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Please Make SecureAnywhere Web Console Sort Through ALL Pages.

  • 29 January 2019
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When I am managing Endpoints in "Group Management" I can never sort through all my endpoints. It only ever sorts the page I'm on.

This makes me repeat my steps for every 18 pages of endpoints I have.

Please fix the sorting issue.

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5 replies

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You're obviously managing more endpoints than me. However, I would think this request would be designed into the software already. This is a pretty basic UI design option that should be implemented in any list that is displayed. There would need to be a very good reason not to implement this and I can't think of one in this scenario. Although, maybe there's something I don't know about their software.

What's the max per page? Another option to add to this is the ability to display x per page. x being a dropdown with values like 50, 100, 500, and All. Having this option would allow @cotton_gin1 to display All endpoints and then sort them all at once.

If you go with the paging system that sorts across the pages, you will need to hold that sort as the user navigates from one page to another. You'll need buttons like First, 5, 6, 8, 9, Last. Based on how they sort the data will depend on which page an endpoint ends up on. If they re-sort the data, I suggest defaulting it back to page 1. Having developed systems that do this sort of thing, I've run into issues if you don't default to page 1. It can sometimes screw up what page it should be on.

Obviously, this is just my two cents, but if you want any suggestions let me know.

Good Luck!
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People have been requesting this for at least 5 years. See Out of Sorts and Out of Sorts II, among other threads. I refer to this as "server-side sorting." It's a pain if you have 300 endpoints in a site, but it's far worse for things like the "Undetermined Software Report", which is nigh-unusable.

Essentially, when you click "All endpoints" on the left, their database call pulls 50 records sorted by Hostname descending, and that's all the controls running as scripts in your browser have access to work-with. Ideally, when you tell it to sort by policy or OS, it would make a new database call asking to sort on that field.

Far as I know, the only real reason Webroot's ever given for this is they want to decrease the load on their database servers. Which is consistent with some other things I've seen such as widely-varying API response times: you can definitely tell when their back-end is straining under the load.
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I understand the stress that it can put on a database. However, 300 records is nothing compared to the 100's of thousands that I've pulled in database web UIs. It's all about how you write the code. If you write it to pull all the records and show only 50, you're wasting precious resources on your server. However, if you write it to pull a recordset based on criteria that's sorted in a certain order, but only displays a certain page of 50 records instead of pulling the entire recordset, you save those resources.

If Webroot can't implement these types of database web UI techniques they have some other options. They could increase server resources by upgrading them or adding additional servers to the handle the load. They could also increase bandwidth. A bandwidth increase would be specifically helpful if they are maxing out their current limits.

Since I can't see how they are coding stuff, their server loads, or their bandwidth usage, I can only make generalized suggestions.
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Hi. This feature will be addressed when we bring all of the Endpoint console features up to GSM during 2019. We are no longer doing any feature work on the EP Business console. Thanks
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Really glad to hear this is being addressed. Thank you!