Policy to "Run a Deep Scan after a threat was blocked on access.

  • 19 March 2013
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  I would like to request an enhancement to WebRoot Endpoint.
  I would like to have a Policy "lever" to "Run a Deep Scan" after a threat was blocked on execution/access.
  This would run a Deep Scan "nearly immediately" after threat(s) are found and quarantined.
  Please consider adding this functionality as "default behavior", and/or tweak-able from a Policy Management setting.
Please consider adding an option like this to next feasible release. If it could be implemented through adding options to Policy Management, it may be a feature that doesn't have to wait for a new endpoint "binary" client update.
  As a "home user" of your product as well, I would like to be able to have the same option (or default behavior) in the "consumer/home user" versions as well.

Thank You,

2 replies

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That's a great idea, but actually this feature is already in Webroot SecureAnywhere. 🙂 It's noted in the help documentation, where it states: “After SecureAnywhere moves the threat to quarantine, it launches another scan to make sure your system is clean.” That scan is a deep scan.
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Feature already exists.