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  • 21 August 2013
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We have several sites that are behind a proxy.  There is currently no way to configure the proxy settings from the console.  Each machine must be touched in order to accomplish this.
Since the install package is based on the default policy, even if we could add this parameter to the policy it would be problematic as not every site uses a proxy and those that do may not have the same credentials or use the same ports.
It would be helpful to have the ability to define the proxy settings in a policy and an option to choose a policy when creating an install package.

3 replies

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Hello, The client will auto detect proxy settings on a system. This is fully automated and no user interaction should be required. The client will also periodically check proxy settings going forward in case any changes are made, it can still communicate. If you encounter an issue with this functionality, please contact support. Thank you, -Shawn
We have clients that require a username and password for the proxy and we have to manually add the credentials to each install.
Sorry if I wasn't clear.
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Thank you for that additional information.

It is much easier to bypass the necessary addresses required by the Webroot client via the proxy in cases where authentication is used.
Below is a link to recommendations for bypassing Webroot traffic at firewalls and proxys:
Thank you and please let me know if this does not resolve your issue or if you have any further questions,
Shawn T