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  • 29 March 2014
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I would like Webroot to create a module for remote management of the endpoints through the web console. Option may also be provided to block USB disk drives at the end points. The endpoints administrator should be restricted to uninstall webroot from the PC without the knowledge od the web console administrator.
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2 replies

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What you are asking for is a desktop management system, which Which Webroot SecureAnywhere is not.
However, two of your requests are possible through WSA's ability to add registry keys and download+run executables, with a little work.
1.) Find the registry that Windows Group Policy uses to block USB drives. Use the management console to send a registry command to add those keys. You will have to reapply this regularly, systems you add later will not be issued this command, and the command will expire in 24/48 hours if the endpoint does not check in within that window (this may have changed, I don't know). Also, the key will need to be in HKLM meaning it wouldn't be per-user. You could do it with some fancy foot-work in the style of my next suggestion, but I won't get into that.
2.) Use a remote control product that supports initiating connections to a central server via a no-install agent that supports command line commands. Host it on a public webserver then use the WSA management console to issue a command to download and run that executable. The screen-control program will run it with the command line flags you want, and it should connect back to your management server. Set your endpoints to poll Webroot servers every 15 minutes and that should be the maximum you would have to wait.
Note that Webroot runs these EXEs in SYSTEM context so the remote control application will need to be smart enough to know to switch to the currently logged in user's screen. That is just a theoretical problem, any properly designed remote control application wouldn't trip up on that.
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I highly, highly recommend Bomgar if you are looking for remote control of computers.
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Excellent suggestions from Explanoit. Thank you!