Remove "All Endpoints on a Site" Option

  • 18 January 2017
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Currently, certain API calls such as /service/api/console/gsm/{gsmKey}/sites/{siteId}/endpoints/deactivate and /service/api/console/gsm/{gsmKey}/sites/{siteId}/endpoints/reactivate will deactivate/reactivate ALL endpoints if the EndpointId is not provided.  It's possible that someone, ahem, might screw up and deactivate all of their endpoints by accident.  It would be great if the "Delete All" feature was either a different POST variable (e.g. DeleteAll = Yes) or a completely sepereate API call.
Just my two cents.

4 replies

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I ran into this myself. I did screw it up, but that's because I missed the plural 's' of Endpoints in "EndpointsList". So that was a fun one to fix.
It has been a couple months since I triggered that API call, but if I remember correctly, my latest test had it deactivating endpoints with surgical precision, as expected.
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Hi, I do understand your point here and will add to our investigations backlog.
I ran into this problem myself. My payload looks fine and they function I generally use works on other APIs.

This has been a crazy week. Good thing, we have good endpoint solutions.

@bporter Might sharing your snippet?
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Strongly agree, it's a really dangerous quirk.