Remove Infected Files

  • 11 December 2019
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It would be great if there was a feature to easily remove infected files. As it stands, I have to remove the policy, then log into the endpoint & manually remove from quarantine.

Can you add a feature enabling emptying quarantine from the console? 

2 replies

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From Support: “Items can be permanently deleted from the Quarantine of an endpoint if the machine is moved into an Unmanaged policy. Once moved, access the Webroot agent on the endpoint and click the gear next to PC Security. Then click the Quarantine tab and select the files you wish to permanently delete. Currently there is not an option to do this from the Management console.”

Too many steps and sometimes I don’t have the client’s password to login to their system.

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Hey @Eric.Rodarte ,

I hear you on the belief that this is too many steps and will bring it up with the product team. I know we’ve got a lot of changes planned for the Management Console right now, so we’ll see!