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Report for devices with status "Not Seen Recently"

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Hi Webroot

Feature Request

I would like to be able to create a report for devices with the status "Not Seen Recently"
I do see several devices with this status, but the do update / come online again, when I log in to them.

A report would be nice. 🙂

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Good idea @Rebel443. Don't forget to vote on your own idea. The system doesn't do it automatically for you.
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Hi Thanks for your suggestion. We are working on a new reporting structure for the consoles and the not seen recently report is one that will be included. Please look out for updates on when we hope to have this available for you. Thanks Bruce

Has any progress been made on this report?  This would be invaluable.


This has been requested for over 3 years at this point. The old thread should have never been marked as completed. 




Please make this a feature as it has remained very important to your customers.

We would love to see this as well

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The Universal Reporter (UR) already provides an Endpoint: List report template and contained within is Endpoints Not Checked in for 30 Days or More, Excluding Deactivated (see sample report below).  The reports within UR are fully modifiable including the fields displayed. 

If you are not familiar with the UR please visit Reports > API Reporting within the Webroot Console.  Please watch ALL the videos before attempting to use the UR.  The Tool Demo and the Report Templates videos are a must before UR use. 


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I saw a product update that said the Universal reporter was going to be included within the GSM console itself. This hasn’t happened. Any particular reason why? 

Running that tool when you have 5 GSM consoles is quite a bit cumbersome at best. 

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Hi jhartnerd123, 

I would love to understand your environment and the need for 5 GSMs.  You will need to run 5 UR instances to support 5 GSMs; alternatively, the Unity API can be accessed directly to pull the required info.  If you have the same User Credentials to access all 5 GSMs, all you would need to do is change is the Parent Key to access the various different GSMs. 

The universal reporter can only be found in the MSP GSM for now, and you will need to have Super Admin credentials to see it under Reports > API Reporting and to display the necessary information in the reports. 

Universal Reporter will also be available within the Business Console very soon.  

Hope this helps,


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We have the MSP GSM and we have 5 GSM’s cause there’s a soft limit of 1000 sites per GSM and after that, things really get slow and the user experience is terrible. We have over 5000 Sites hence the need

Universal Reporter was supposed to be built into the GSM but it’s not. Calling a link to download the separate program for UR “integration” is quite misleading. And yes, we use Unity, but all these reporting functions need to be brought directly into the GSM console. OpenText/Webroot is forcing it’s partners to do the heavy lifting when we are making good $$$ for you guys each month. 


And some wonder why you see on MSP Reddit forums that the industry is starting to turn against Webroot and recommend other vendors. 

Tsk Tsk


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Thanks for the explanation.  I think I misunderstood your original comment “I saw a product update that said the Universal reporter was going to be included within the GSM console itself. This hasn’t happened.” and assumed you could not find the Universal Reporter tool within the GSM.  

Just to be clear, UR is not intended as a replacement for the upcoming new reporting structure within the Console or any other reporting engine such as BrightGauge, Liongard and Kaseya Info Center, we integrate with.  If I gave that impression that is my bad.  My intention is to inform users who have specific reporting needs, where the need is not covered today, that an alternative tool exists. 

UR was built as an extension to the Unity API, in collaboration with over 50 MSPs, who wanted a highly customizable reporting tool that can be used within their own environment, without the need to be an API expert.  It provides the following requested features:

  • Full customization of report colors, charts, text, etc.
  • Co-branding with MSP logo
  • Full control of the content including all messaging MSP customers are interested in
  • Automatic reports sent from MSP or MSP Sales Rep email address
  • Multiple email addresses per customer
  • Ability to add non-Webroot content by advanced users who have PowerShell or API skills
  • Ability to share templates between Webroot customers
  • Ability to combine Endpoint, DNS, SAT, and other content into one report
  • Simple set up and maintenance of monthly reports for MSP customers
  • Ability to run multiple instances of the tool by anyone
  • Easy template creation process as users demand different types of reports

UR is provided free of charge and is intended to be used by those who need the advantages it provides.  Based on user demand, we intend to expand its scope.

Hope this clears the intent of the Universal Reporter.