Report on computers not seen in x amount of days

  • 5 January 2017
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As a Managed Services Provider, I would like to be able to automate the ability to run a report across my 40+ clients to see which computers or servers have not been seen in x amount of days.  Currently this is a time consuming manual process. 

16 replies

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Yes, we have the same need for this as well. Currently, the only way I have found to do this is to generate a monthly report summary email, but this only gives the number of endpoints not seen and not the details of what endpoints it actually is.
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Agreed. The Report Summary doesn't specifically identify which machines/site haven't been seen recently - just a total number. 
The Dashboard Tab doesn't have a chart to identify them either, as the "Endpoint Status" field only identifies either Clean or Infected.
This is a feature that is extremely needed for MSPs to pull up data quickly.
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 I'm suprised this isnt a feature. We'd also like to be able to have a report for those machines that checked back in after being deactivated, just in case we remove those "not seen" by accident.
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Why has it taken them months and months for a feature like this? I'm really having a hard time not guessing its because they stand to benefit on having licenses be paid for for dead and gone devices...
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Definitely a needed feature.  One of the main reasons of having a cloud managent portal is to be able to see if your systems are updated and working.  If you are managing lots of sites there is no easy way to keep an eye on these things.
There is another post from several years ago that should be merged with this one.
I found this thread as I'm in the same boat, definately a needed feature.
How are we all working around this in the meantime? Does anyone have a decent work-around? Other than waiting for the client versions to become out of date of course as that's too long for a computer to be potentially without protection for.
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Other than a manual audit of each site (grrr...), I believe the only way around this right now is to use the API. 
Maybe WR Support will run a report on the backend of the GSM? I haven't tried that yet.
Anyone else have any ideas?
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Hi everyone,
This is definitely on our roadmap for the near future, and will initially be implemented as a report which can be run across all (or singular) sites within the GSM reports section.
To ensure we provide the required functionality, what actions would you then want to perform on any returned devices?  Would you simply want to be able to deactivate these, or any other sort of actions?
I'm not so concerned about deactivating them.  I would be more interested in finding out which computers aren't checking in and then troubleshoot why.  Having all the Agent Commands available would be nice, but ultimately I would end up fixing or troubleshooting it using another remote access tool.  Probably do a reinstall.
But at least having the report available would at least let me know which ones to look at.
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Thanks @!
Based on this, we will therefore focus primarily on returning a list of devices as the first phase - and then look to expand on this with actions against the devices as a second phase.
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Thank you @ for addressing a solution. Our MSPs need it desperately - having the ability to quickly identify endpoints that haven't checked in to a site within the GSM is critical, as it can indicate a serious issue.
With the Reporting solution, MSPs would need to be able to create an automatic/reoccurring report that would email to a Distribution List (at minimum, daily) all endpoint data (Site, Hostname, FSD, LSD, Status, etc.) that can be sorted. Ideally, it would be great to have this added to the Dashboard Charts where an MSP can drill down and access the endpoint without manually locating it under the Sites Tab.
One of our partners emailed me when I sent them your update about this feature request being on the roadmap as a Report first:
"Ideally, though, some sort of email Alert would be best like the information I receive when a new installation has occurred. Something that says 'Hey! -  endpoint so and so hasn't reported in X days'. I live in my email and not so much on my dashboards (I have a few of them) and all my other dashboards send me email alerts when somethings wrong. If i'm traveling or driving, I still get my emails - I don't or can't necessarily be logged into the GSM dashboard 24/7."
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No problem @.
We're aware this has been a big problem for far too long, so are looking for the quickest way to get this resolved for everyone.
I agree that alerts (email or SMS) would be the preferable, and most immediate method of responding to this, and we are investigating expanding and improving on our current alerting solution in the future to provide this sort of capability.
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A new "Devices" page is now available within GSM, which allows you to view all devices installed across all sites.
You can also filter this list by status - and one of these statuses being "Not Seen Recently".
I hope this helps to alleviate the problem of devices which have not seen recently - even though this isn't the EXACT solution proposed.
Any feedback always appreciated 🙂
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The Device page is part of the solution but we need to be able to sort / filter the data on last seen / site / group / policy.
The easiest solution would be to export the data to CSV but I can't find that anywhere? 
Great progress with the new Devices tab.  We would love to be able to perform actions on them now.  Deactivate or any of the Agent Commands.
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