Report on devices for all sites

  • 12 June 2019
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It would be nice to have a template to do a scheduled report that will send us a single PDF with a list of all our sites and how many devices in each in one report. We don't want an email for every sites, and we also don't want a report that gives us a total of devices across all sites.

Hope this makes sense.

2 replies

Indeed, this is needed! By the way, this is a help for administration: invoicing and accounting, to know how many devices have to be billed for each site/client.

This should really be set.

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Hello @Jaccal@maboug & others who have voted,

Thank you for the suggestion.  Our distribution partners and MSPs bill their customers in several different ways and unfortunately, there is no one size fits all report that will work for all scenarios.    
Depending on how you are billed, you may be able to access Usage Portal via Webroot Console > Settings > Account Information > My Billing.  You should see relevant info in the portal and/or download a CSV. 

Alternatively, you can pull usage data from the Unity API and place the data in a CSV and customize it to your needs.  If anyone is interested in making use of the Unity API, we can assist with PowerShell scripts that can automate this process.