Report Processing Speed - 5 Minute Wait

  • 21 July 2012
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Can the reporting processing be configured to reduce the wait for a report?  Many times I am told to try again in 5 minutes and after 5 minutes, I am told to try again in 5 minutes again.  At times I just give up.

6 replies

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Hello Richard,
Thanks for posting this request. We will pass your idea on and see what can be done.
George H
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There was a change made to the way in which the reporting pop-up functions.  The message you were seeing was a standardized message that may not have reflected the actual time needed for the report to generate.  The new message states that it has accepted your request, and it will notify you once it's processed.  Basically you don't have to feel like you need to keep refreshing the report over and over now.  You can read more in the release notes.
For anyone who was having this issue, please let us know if the improvement addresses your concern well enough to close the idea as implemented or if you still have ongoing issues with how long the reports take to generate.
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I noticed this change yesterday and it is much clearer and is acceptable.
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Excellent. 🙂 I'm glad the enhancement addressed your concern. Thank you for requesting the improvement!
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I have noticed that when generating a report for threats seen on endpoints for a group, it only shows the threats for the current endpoints that are online.  If they are offline because they are not being used, but say maybe they have about 20 infections that were cleaned up, these infections will not show on the report.  Is there a way to fix this?  Currently, if you go to the endpoint directly it will show the infections, but not if I request a report for a whole group.
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The original idea has been implemented. If there are additional questions please start a new idea or discussion thread. Thanks!