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Reports to Email in PDF

  • 8 March 2019
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I'd like to give the original creator of this idea credit. @acomstock posted this in the "Got an Idea" forum. However, Webroot ruled it not worth pursuing at this time so they marked the idea as completed. I believe it's a worthy idea and Webroot suggested I add it to the "Business Feature Request" forum. Obviously, vote as you wish, but I think it's worth pursuing.

@acomstock original message:
It would be helpful if instead of sending links for email reports, if they were sent in PDF form that can be viewed off the internet.

My Response Expanding on @acomstock's Idea:
I would add that PDF would be a great format. However, it would be nice if we had a choice in format. Formats would include PDF, I would also suggest a properly formatted CSV, although you could use XLSX, and a photo format like PNG or JPG.

The reason for the different formats is because we may need to use the reports in different ways. PDF gives us the report in a printable form that we can use as is. A CSV, or XLSX, gives us raw data that we can use for data mining. However, if these aren't exported from your system properly, they can be useless to us when we try to import them into a program like Excel, Access, or SQL. We can use a photo format, like PNG or JPG, to insert into a larger report or presentation. I suggest a PNG that has a transparent background to give us the most flexibility.

Additional Thoughts:
Thanks to @LLiddell at Webroot for suggesting I add this here. @acomstock, @Ssherjj, and @ProTruckDriver, you all voted on the original idea, maybe you'd like to vote on the new feature request as well. Of course, I'll take any vote I can get on the idea, so vote away! 😁


6 replies

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@NicCrockett Thanks for posting this here.
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Not a problem @acomstock. You had a great idea and I thought it should be given a chance to be added to the Webroot roadmap. Granted, I'm starting to think the Webroot roadmap looks like a spork instead of a fork. 🤣
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Hi, the current reporting system sends a link out to view the report in either PDF or CSV format which you can choose when creating your report template. As previously stated Webroot are building a new reporting system which will improve the current formatting and offer greater reporting choice.
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Looking forward to seeing new reporting and alerting features!

The main problem with this reporting system is that either you or the client has to download it, besides the lack of drill-down data, and the reports expire after 3 months. If we can get the actual report delivered on a regular basis, we can archive it for our clients to review when they need to. There is just too much overhead related to having to dl the file or rather read every notification (first). ;)


Please, just email the PDF. 

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Hi @sjohnson_lp,

As an alternative to the Console based reports, we have created a free Unity API based reporting tool, Universal Reporter that allows PDF reports to be sent to multiple end-users on a monthly basis.  

Universal Reporter is a highly customizable reporting tool that can be used within the MSPs own environment, without the need to be an API expert.  It provides at least the following requested features:

  • Full customization of report colors, charts, text, etc.
  • Co-branding with MSP logo
  • Full control of the content including all messaging MSP customers are interested in
  • Automatic reports sent from MSP or MSP Sales Rep email address
  • Multiple email addresses per customer
  • Ability to add non-Webroot content by advanced users who have PowerShell or API skills
  • Ability to share templates between Webroot customers
  • Ability to combine Endpoint, DNS, SAT, and other content into one report
  • Simple set up and maintenance of monthly reports for MSP customers
  • Ability to run multiple instances of the tool by anyone
  • Easy template creation process as users demand different types of reports

You can find UR information and the download link in the Webroot console in Reports > API Reporting