SAML / SSO Integration for Management Portal

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This has been posted befor but failed to gain traction.  I would like Webroot to implement SAML for the portal.  Since admins are able to remove agents from PC's and run command line processes, I would argue that the lack of these features is a security risk.  I would add that the portal should support MFA, however most SSO providers also support MFA.  So if we get SAML integration we would be in good shape.  I'm sure others would like the opportunity to use MFA with local accounts as well though.
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Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, we have been looking into this functionality. It's in the backlog!
Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, we have been looking into this functionality. It's in the backlog!
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I agree with @gpshift - that assessment is spot on.  This request along with the request for comon MFA support should be a high priority for the team and contribute significantly to the security of the platform as a whole - especially since WR is adding other components - UAT & DNS.  In addition to the original comments having SAML & SSO also would allow organizations to leverage their IAM solutions if they have them and ensure a unified access policy across a multitude of cloud/web apps.

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Any further update on this from the dev team?  Do you have an ETA or idea of where it's located on the roadmap?  Thank you.
Just a post of support here. 
@BruceR thanks for the information but as @gpshift says can we please get an guesstamite (I won't hold you to it - promise) as to when we will see this. 
To add what @jcail says MFA is pretty much a requirement these days, however if you are using Azure MFA or similar you can use their solution to provide this fucntionality. OOTB service might be nice for other users whom have not implemented this.
Thanks all.
Just throwing my support in for this future as well. I am eager to see SAML SSO implemented for the security of my customers. I would much prefer SAML over a built in MFA solution, but either would be nice.
@MattM1all we need is SAML, if you want MFA you can then create an Enterprise app in Azure AD. Then If you have MFA enabled or a conditional access policy enforcing it (for that app) users will recieve the MFA challenge. 
In short, Webroot just needs to add an app to the Azure gallery, or provide the details to us on what we need to create a custom app ourselves. It's then up to us to configure MFA in the platform itself. 

@BruceR, we need webroot to support SSO/SAML


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