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Scheduled Report Template - Specific Endpoint Data

  • 22 January 2019
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In many of the scheduled reports, we have the ability to see the summary data on a variety of topics. I'd like the ability to interact with the report to "drill down" into the summaries and view the affected endpoints. Or, if it would be easier, offer detailed reports about things like disabled shields, infected endpoints over the last 7 days, etc. Having the total numbers are handy from an overview standpoint, but I'd like to be able to generate actionable tickets based on this scheduled reporting. Instead of having my monitoring team get a summary report and then having to log in and run their own on-demand reports to find out which endpoints to begin troubleshooting, I'd like for them to have this info right out of the ticket.

1 reply

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Hi, thanks for your request we are looking to make improvements to our reports during 2019 and will take your request into consideration.