Security Awareness Training - localization in italian/various languages

  • 16 October 2019
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Hello, we're an italian company and not all of our employees speak english.

Of course those that are not english-speakers need the training even more  than the others.

We think that the training should be localized in various languages.

To ease and speed up the effort the customer could be given a localization file to translate that then Webroot could use to translate at least subtitles and questions.

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2 replies

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Great idea!

Since not all employees are able to speak in English so they have to be some localization such as ability to translate the templates manually or such that! .. These phishing emails have to appear realistic to get realistic results.

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Thanks for bringing this up. Would you be willing to offer the same training to your non-English speakers if closed captions and questions were available in multiple languages - or only if the audio was also translated?

For phishing emails, I think it makes sense to have separate campaigns for different language audiences using translated templates. We don’t offer phishing templates in different languages now, but we allow you to manually edit them.