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Site (Client) Admins can see all other admins.

  • 17 April 2019
  • 6 replies

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Our intention is to setup a site admin for a client side IT person and they would be able to administer their own Site.
However even if we select View Only, these admins can still see all our technicians and all the other sites that we manage.
Why can't we have an isolated Site Admin option where at least they cannot see the Admins tab?

6 replies

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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We are working on granular admin permissions for the GSM where if you give someone site only access they will only have access to their site and see nothing else. Until that happens you can go into the Admins tab, then choose the Site Only Admin option which will allow you to set up an Admin and then select the site that you want the to have access to. They will be able to manage everything themselves down at the EndPoint console level without seeing the other sites that you manage or the other admins. Please look out during 2019 for the granular admin permissions at GSM tab which will allow you to do this at GSM level as well. Hope this helps a bit for now. Kind regards Bruce
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Thanks, granular permissions will be great to see.

As a stop gap or work around it seems it would be easy to remove access to other admins inside the Site Only Admin. Right now that is the only thing I am concerned about, they have the ability to strip permissions away from all the other admins ... including our GSM Super admins. This means they could lock out their account.

All we would need to do is ... in their interface, remove the Admin button from the top menu bar.

If that one change can be considered a high priority item it would be much appreciated.

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In the Endpoint console you can go to the Admins tab and edit the Admin you have created, then click on Admins and Permissions, you can select Basic for the Secure Anywhere and Admin for the Endpoint protection console and the Admins tab will disappear so that they can have full access to the features but no access to the Admins function. I have attached a complete admin guide so that you can see exactly what permissions etc you can set at both console levels. Hope this helps until we get the full admin permissions work completed for GSM. Thanks Bruce
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Well I never knew about those options. This resolved my issue with the Admin button.

Thanks for including the pdf as well, this will work perfect for now.

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My pleasure Rob, glad to be of some help
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@northerncomputer this sounds like a reasonable request, however don't forget to vote on your own idea. The system doesn't automatically do it when a user submits a feature request. You got my vote! 👍

Based on @BruceR's responses they have some workarounds for the moment and are looking into a full blown built-in implementation. Thanks for the info @BruceR! Good luck with the implementation and we can't wait to see it.


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