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Stop duplicate entries in GSM after rebuilds

  • 17 August 2018
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Currently when you rebuild machines via SCCM or no doubt manually and you have an auto deployment setup of the webroot client on your domain or estate the GSM console adds a duplicate of the machine.
This causes a lot of administration to remove duplicate records within the GSM console, although you can run a powershell script to find all duplicates (see here - https://community.webroot.com/t5/Unity-API-forum/PowerShell-script-to-locate-duplicate-computers-in-GSM-v2/td-p/309644)
You cannot stop this happening. Webroot need to allow a single unique identifer to either be selected or used from the offset. Ideally by MAC address as this is unique to every different client.
Without this feature the product doesn't really stand up in the enterprise marker as it should due to the possibilty of duplicates that would be charged for if you do not put in some administration time each week or month.

5 replies

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i'd like to understand more about how the WSA is being installed as there are steps you can take to reduce the chance of duplicates - I'd never claim that they will be 100% gone. Can you post more here or just send me a DM if there's information that you would not prefer to share in a public forum?ThanksJonathan.giffardSenior Product Manager
Hi what would you like to know? We have task sequences to build workstations on our estate, nothing fancy, we have a build per office with the webroot agent with the key code added to each build, i.e Birmingham Office build, inside this task sequence we have apps deployed one being webroot with the key code for the Birmingham office. When you deploy it, it installs the webroot MSI with the correct key code to the build. If you went and rebuilt a Birmingham pc using sccm you end up with two in the GSM console and you have to deactive the old one. 
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Couple of questions:-Does a duplicate appear when rebuilding an existing device ? Does a duplicate appear when building a new device or do you get a brand new entry just for that new device ?ThanksJonathan
If it's a brand new device and not already on the GSM console everything is fine, you get the device appear as normal.
If the device already exists on the GSM console and you then rebuild the device for whatever reason you end up with two of the same computer name in the console and have to deactive the old one, the only way you can tell it's the old one is by the check in date. I would of thought this is known by now for webroot, with a build state of around 10 PC's a week due to staff turn over and having over 800 laptops u can see how this becomes a problem. I have had to ask webroot support to clear out the deactivated endpoints as I also cannot even do that!
i also have the same issue. When the PC's are rebuilt and because they are given the same name they had before, they are re added as a duplicate to the webroot console.