URL Whitelist / Blacklist

  • 29 January 2014
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I would like the ability to set blacklisted and whitelisted URL's in the policy.  Right now we had to set the policy to allow the end-user to manually over-ride because of too many false-positives.

5 replies

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Once upon a time you could set this up on the Endpoint but now ...... nowhere and its such obvious and necessary option.
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Demand for this option is growing https:///t5/Feature-Requests/Website-Exception-Management-in-Console/idi-p/80853#.UvOA-fuwR8E. I've been hearing they're working on this one but it's been a long time since they updated any news about this functionality. Kudos!
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Personally, I'm fine allowing our cloud overlords to handle this for me.
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No current plans to implement - we have the Web Security Shield product that offers this functionality.
If we're provided with a Web Shield that has the ability to block a URL, we should be able to at least undo the block.  Ideally, we could whitelist all of websites we don't want filtered.
As far as blacklisting certain websites...that's what we trust Webroot for.  Furthermore, almost every sysadmin can blacklist sites themselves on their network devices.
But blocking sites automatically without the ability to unblock or whitelist in the first place?  Bad idea.