Webroot Browser Extension Locking Up Browser

  • 25 January 2019
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There is a situation where the chrome browser can appear to lock up. This is due to the webroot extension for both Windows and Mac running on a Windows computer.

If you are using the same chrome user profile on a Windows machine and a Mac machine, webroot will install the chrome extension for Windows on the Windows system but when you start using the Mac, webroot will install the chrome extension for the Mac in Chrome.

Unfortunately, the Windows system's chrome browser will sporadically lock up because the functioning webroot extension will switch between the Windows one and the Mac one. The extensions do NOT check to see what OS they are running on and thus interfere with one another.

You can see the two icons and eventually they will switch as to which one lights up.

Can the browser extension be made "intelligent" enough to recognize the OS it is running on and function or not function based on the OS. Telling clients they have to disable an extension in kind of defeats the trust level with the product and the client.

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