Webroot Business Endpoint Protection for Mac

  • 5 November 2012
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How about Mac support for Business Endpoint?

14 replies

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Hi Phil,
We don't have Mac support for WSA Business Endpoint Protection yet, but we're looking into it.  I took the liberty of creating a new idea out of your comment.  Anyone who likes this idea is encouraged to give it kudos.  As we continue to gauge the sense of demand for this idea, product management can gain a deeper sense of priority for this feature and act accordingly.  Thanks for the suggestion!
We are a medium sized business that has a make up of 45 Mac users and about 70 Windows (not counting the 40 Android and 100 IOS devices). Our PCI compliance QSA wants us to have anti-virus on all desktop/laptop platforms. Due to pricing it is typically cheaper to have one product over multiple. Please add Mac support to your business product. Portable support would also be awesome. Having the ability to wipe phones or tablets that get lost would be a huge bonus. 
We need a Mac version of WSA Business Endpoint Protection!  We have at least a dozen users (and growing) who would install it today.  I'd love to help beta test it as well.
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wfittechnology: Consider yourself officially added to a Mac beta list when we launch one. Thanks for volunteering.
I agree of the need for this on the Macs. I have 70 desktops and 6 macs and need to have them all under one AV contract. I would also be willing to beta test it!
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Great idea, MAC support is a must for us. We support over 200 clients and have dozens of MAC's out there that we need to protect. Not to mention all of the business IPAD's and IPHONES that are increasingly becoming critical business tools. I have one Real Estate Agency that only supplies their agents with IPADS now, gone are the days of laptops for this business sector.
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Development of this feature may take some time, but this is something we are planning to do.
We have just purchased a 250 count license and have nearly 70 Macs.  When we purchased the license we were told that getting Macs into the Business console was being worked on, but now I'm seeing in this thread it's on hold?  Is that true?  If not, is there a rough estimate as to when this would be rolled out. Sometime this year?
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This idea was set to "On Hold" to signify the work being done on this project was still too early in development to be able to set a reasonable expectation date on its completion. It's starting to move along at a faster pace now, but it's still too early to set any expectations on its completion. We're setting it to "In Process" now to signify that progress is being made. To answer your question, baltman, we are shooting for later this year, but anticipated dates of completion on this work are very tentative at this point in the development cycle.
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There's a huge demand for WSA Mac business version in Scandinavia. when can we have an ETA?
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any update on this yet?
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Rikardz, it's on the way. 🙂
Thank you Webroot. We just purchased 25 Business Endpoint licenses. Seven of these 25 machines are iMacs or MacBook laptops and will likely grow in the future. Having a Mac edition was definitely needed.
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We are proud to announce that we now support Macs in a business environment! :D
Please take a look at the most recent release notes.