Webroot DNS Protection - Hide install from Add / Remote Programs

Similar to the Webroot SecureAnywhere application we need the ability to remove the DNS protection software from the clients installed application list to discourage users from uninstalling themselves.  Currently the main SecureAnywhere application has a policy switch in the console to remove from Add/Remove programs.  Either we need a seperate one for DNS protection or that existing switch should hide both.  

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Hey @DCStalls
Thanks for the Feature Request re: DNS. We will be reviewing our Feature Requests on a monthly basis and will get back to you. 
For now, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to mark this request under our 'DNS' label. Wanted to give you a heads up before doing so. 
Thanks again!
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Hello @DCStalls
Thanks v. much for the suggestion here. I would like to inform you that the DNS-P agent can only be uninstalled if the device is not associated with a policy that doesn't have DNS Protection Enabled. Even if your user tries to uninstall from Control Panel, If the device is associated to a policy with DNS turned ON, after a max of 10mins the DNS-P agent will install back again as it constantly checks if the machine has DNS-P installed as well as new versions of the agent.
I would also recommend locking down Admin previliges (if/where possible), MSFT offers a good read:
Hope this helps. Thanks v. much for your question in the community:
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I appreciate the feedback and know all of this.  However I am an MSP so we cannot exact total control in all environments.  The key to my post is to makesure that the DNS agent follows the same rules and logic that exist for its parent product.  If WR is hideable from add/remove by a policy in the portal, the DNS agent should follow the same policy. 
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Thanks @DCStalls for the response - just wanted to make sure you knew about preventing the uninstall by user in the current version of the product. The hideable feature is planned in future iterations. 
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Hi DCStalls, Thank you for the feature suggestion.  We've added this to our backlog.

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