Webroot proxy application for firewalled servers

  • 17 December 2012
  • 2 replies

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I have a friend who is interested in the Webroot SecureAnywhere product, but he has a few servers which have absolutely no internet connectivity for security / compliance reasons.
Would it be possible for a small proxy application to be created which runs on an internet connected LAN device and connects via a secure connection to the secure servers' instances of SecureAnywhere and provides a channel of secure proxied communication with only the required Webroot servers?

2 replies

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This solution could actually be achieved via using Webroot Web Security Service and configuring the proxy to allow only the connections to Webroot.
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Thank you for your suggestion, this has been closed due to a lack of kudos from other community members. Please feel free to start a discussion and submit a new feature request if there is additional interest from other members. Thank you!  


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