Webroot Removal Tool

  • 23 September 2015
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It is so very easy and quick to install Webroot on a device. Removing it is 99.99% impossible when the license has expired. I don't know if this is by design from the owners. Our trial key had expired and  we had an experience we wished to had not got involved with Webroot in the first place. It is easy to uninstall it only when the license is still valid, which seems to be the only option to successfully uninstall Webroot from a device especially if there is a policy. I think this is good in terms of enforcing control in your enviroment, however, this option seems to work more negatively against one in an environment like ours where we had a trial version on just over 500 machines and it expired whilst other machines were offline. In such a situation an option where there's a REMOVAL TOOL  which would work like Symantec's Cleanwipe, it would really come in handy, where one can just run it without having to request from Webroot Support to extend days in order to uninstall.
So, please, the Powers that be at Webroot, please, have a REMOVAL TOOL available. Please. I think, according to me, this would be the only critical ingridient that we so desperately need.

1 reply

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This is something that we will not be implementing for security reasons. It is advisable in the future to keep track of the day when WSA is expiring, and uninstall on that day with the commands to avoid this situation.