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Webroot's own Password Manager

  • 26 September 2018
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It would be nice if Webroot would create there own Password Manager as we can see we are having issues with the rebranded version of LastPass and then Webroot could put it in the Firefox and Chrome stores and even in the Microsoft store for the Edge Browser in the near future! ;)
Current issues with Firefox 62: https://community.webroot.com/t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Internet/Firefox-Password-Manager-toolbar-no-longer-works/m-p/328362#M12569

7 replies

In my humble opinion, no. See https://community.webroot.com/t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Internet/Firefox-Password-Manager-toolbar-no-longer-works/m-p/329812/highlight/true#M12668
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@ I fully disagree with your comment and and many would agree with me as well with all the issues with the current Firefox 62 issues and it's taking a long time for Webroot to fix it and is unacceptable.
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I have to say that on balance Daniel makes a better case...and we know that the current version of the Password Manager is based on a legacy version of LastPass...so 'creating' a new Webroot Password Manager that is bang up to date makes absolute sense to me.
I hope so, Solly. Though so far I haven't changed my opinion.
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Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, we have been looking into this functionality. It's in the backlog for our Consumer customers 
Hi @
I think this is a FALSE Webroot support number and NOT Webroot. Can you possibly confirm, @ or @?
Here are the official Webroot phone numbers: Webroot Phone Nos 
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Thanks, @! I deleted their comment and removed them, good catch!