Webroot SAT unable to see targets in Blocked Status

  • 20 May 2020
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Found out today several targets were not getting their training email. Turns out they were blocked on the back end for some reason. We need to be able to see there is an issue with an account before starting a campaign. I understand why it is in place to prevent blacking listing of the server. There should be a column about the target and if is is good or blocked, maybe show at the top of the targets list when there is and issue. Needing these details when setting up a campaign for selecting targets, and also under add/remove targets.

2 replies

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Thanks for bringing this up. Are you describing about a need for both:

  • Better identification of target users that did not receive the email AFTER the campaign was already launched
  • Better anticipation of target users that might have problems receiving email even BEFORE launching a campaign?
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  • It would help to see any “blocked” user accounts when selecting targets for a campaign.” This would allow us to be pro active.
  • When updating targets we would want to see if any were blocked as well.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about putting it directly in the pdf report, there are pros and cons to that, but we do provide the customer with the raw data in case auditors ask any questions.