Webroot SecureAnywhere - Managed Policy UI Improvement Request

  • 7 December 2020
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Currently when a user of a computer tries to interface with the Webroot SecureAnywhere UI, there are many instances that the user is greeted with a message saying that only the administrator can make this change. Then the user needs to click OK to acknowledge this message.  If there is a way to mark those buttons with a lock symbol in some future release it could be a way to inform the user that they don't have permission to click this button. After clicking one lock icon button or selection the user will know that all locked items will require and administrator to change. The user can then focus on the non-lock icon items to know what they can click on.

This would save the user a bit of time allowing them to know before clicking on the button, reading the notice about permission, and clicking OK to the message.

Something that would tell the user that certain items are not end user manageable might be a beneficial improvement. Microsoft does this by putting a little shield by items in the Control Panel that require administrator permissions.

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