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  • 8 July 2014
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In addition to needing a way to whitelist certain websites, or even a way to report them to Webroot through the console, we need to be able to create an alert to let us know if a user visits a website that is blocked by Webroot. This will help us respond quicker to a situation where a user comes to a legitimate website that many people in our company visit on a daily basis. Without this we are dependent on user feedback, which by the time we get any could be an issue for a lot of people...
Having an alert to notify us if a user comes to a blocked website is crucial to the WSA product, almost just as crucial as being able to whitelist (add exceptions or overrides for) certain websites. It will help us be more responsive and help us determine if we have issue before it becomes a big one for our company.
Please add this feature.

4 replies

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I would like to see this feature also being used to feed into an overall risk rating for each workstation.
I completely agree.  Getting redirected to a malicious website could be equatable to having malware detected and I agree it is a crucial piece of information missing from the program.
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We appreciate your suggestion and have taken it into consideration. We are working on a complete transformation of the alerts and reporting functionality, which we are currently planning to release towards the end of 2018. Once that update has been rolled out, we will look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new functionality. Thank you!

So what happened with this redesign?