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We also need the requirement to create exceptions by policy and apply that policy to specific machines. This is especailly crutial in a police department where they research questionable subjects related to investigations. For our MSP this is a deal breaker. We are now looking at other products that will allow this functionality.

            Any progress being made on this feature? As an IT consulting firm we really need to be able to make exceptions to the webshield. While Support is quick and extremely helpful if we have to call every single time we run into a false positive, its going to turn into a lot of wasted time both for us and our clients. It is far too risky to give them the ability to allow access to the site on their own. I think the prodict would benefit greatly from this added functionality. 
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Not that I've heard of, but I should be finding out more about the upcoming roadmap later this week and may have more info to share after that.
Just wanted to voice my support for this addition. We have clients that need to get to certain websites and the only way we can currently is to disable the web sheild completely and this is extremely problematic for us. The ability to globally allow/deny certain websites should be a basic included feature of any product that  monitors/denies access to websites in any fashion.
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All - this is a feature that has been requested often and communicated to our Product Management team. We anticipate it being added to the console in early 2017. I know it's been mentioned in the past, but it was pushed back as we focused on new technical challenges and focusing on our effacy with the rise in ransomware.
Little background, the Web Threat Shield technical component was reworked architecturally to better incorporate our Brightcloud technology which changed how the URL whitelist management feature would be presented and managed. So, it was pushed out until the new updated shield was released. For business, it's been in beta and close to going GA. Once the new Web Threat Shield is released, URL management will be forthcoming. Wish I had more detaied information, but that's what we know at this juncture.
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Just adding to this that the new Web Threat Shield is due to become generally available next month in early/mid November so it will come soon.
So, exactly how will my current subscription be updated ... On-line / Geek Squad Appointment / Other?
@ wrote:
Desperately need an addition to the Console that allows administrators the ability to add exceptions or "whitelist" valid and legitmate websites.  We have had numerous instances where users have attempted to visit a legitimate website (such as and are presented with a message that the site contains malicious content and offers the option to close or allow.
We do not want users to have the ability to click "Allow" on every site they come across that presents this warning (as all they care about is getting to the site they want) and would rather have the ability to whitelist legitmate sites that users report they cannot access, just as we're able to do on any Web Filtering Appliance / Service.
I have seen numerous forums and discussion boards where many other Webroot customers desperately desire the same functionality.  I saw where one of your developers said it is in the works, but that was more than half a year ago.  Please expedite this Feature Request and add this functionality to your next version update.  Thank You.
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The new Web Threat Shield for business customers will be automatically updated online within the console.
Prior to this we will send out a Product Update Bulletin, post information to the Community and run a Webinar (which will be recorded) on the changes.
Background on purged hyperlink to which Best Buy's Geek Squad subscribes:
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Ability to set policies to block certain URL from WSA console.
Manipulate Whitelist and Backlist from WSA console. 
Getting a lot of request for this, basically every office ask for this.
Could also simply create firewall outgoing rules to block IPs or FQDN
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Our BrightCloud (URL) determinations are very accurate, but not infallible, so we operate a very robust process to clear any discrepancies raised either manually, or by our web classification systems. Details can be submitted via a ticket, via the Web Threat Shield Block Page, or directly to the Webroot BrightCloud team - who then work to a strict set of KPI’s to respond and clear such requests.
However, we are also very aware that having a whitelisting capability would be much easier. So, the good news is that we are building it right now. The development team are working on an enhancement to the Web Threat Shield to provide URL whitelisting, and it is also part of a brand new service for MSPs that we are announcing in early February in the run up to the RSA Security later in the month. 
As there are console, policy and other inter-operational dependencies between WSAB whitelisting and the new service both will be made available when the new service is planned to be launched at the end of March. Of course, as with any software release, that the date may change at little notice, but it is looking good right now.
@ Any reason this request has not had its status changed to "Implemented"?
As best I can tell it has now been implemented as of June 2017 as announced here!
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You are absolutely right, thank you for bringing this to our attention @! This was implemented, and the full details of the product update can be found here. Thank you!
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Full details can be found here.


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