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We see an increase in Windows Mobile users among our customer base. There's a number of customers asking for Windows Mobile version of Secure Anywhere Mobile Protection.
// Rikard

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This is something we're looking at doing in the long-term future if there is enough demand for it.
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Community, we need your help determining the demand for Webroot Mobile Protection for Windows phones.
Please kudo this thread if you would like to see this implemented!
Thank you all.
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At my work place we do have questions regarding this.  The number of inquiries for a mobile Windows support is not has high as questions regarding iOS and Android but it is there.
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I was under the impression that Windows Phones did not need antivirus, just like Apple phones. Does Windows Phone even have APIs that make antivirus possible? I really don't think Microsoft is going to allow another one of their products with Windows branding require antivirus protection.
Fundamentally, Windows Phone is not as permissive and open as Android. Other than Webroot hooking into the APIs that control application installation management and screen out "known bad" applications there, I don't see how this would work. But I'm not a mobile developer.
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Hi Shawn, Can you clarify how this is Under Consideration? I can not find any information about WP providing any sort of API to allow an antivirus application to function.
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It's the level of demand that's being considered.  I'm not sure this has even made it to the technical phase yet.
Windows Mobile is gaining popularity, I have seen lots of enterprise companies  standardising on their smartphone devices and windows mobile seems to be part of it. I also deal with mobile carriers and they have confirmed that Windows Mobile sales are increasing.
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When u say Windows mobile u mean Windows Phone? If i remember good to be windows mobile 6.0 and that very old.
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We are reviewing all feature requests - switching status to get it into the appropriate queue.
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We appreciate your suggestion and have taken it into consideration. This feature is not something that is on our current roadmap, but we will keep it in mind if anything changes. Thank you!