WSA Admin Console - User Delete

  • 31 May 2013
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I'd like to see a feature added in which SecureAnywhere administrative console users have the ability to completely delete a console user from the "Manage Users" configuration screen.  Currently we can change user rights per user, but we can't completely delete a user from the console. 
This feature request was prompted due to my recent need to have a terminated employee removed from the console - I had to contact Webroot support to have the account removed.  Sure, I had already removed access rights, but I like to see things clean and tidy, hence the desire to have the user removed.

5 replies

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Hello Patrick, This is definitely under consideration. Please stay tuned! Thank you, Shawn T Webroot Product Manager, Support
any progress?  Just lost my assistant and wanted to remove him form WSA cPanel
I need this feature too, for exactly the same reasons as OP
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We are reviewing all feature requests - switching status to get it into the appropriate queue.
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This feature has been added. Thank you!