WSA Mobile Protection - Bulk enrollment of mobile devices

  • 18 May 2013
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Our customer has 1000+ mobiles where they may want to use WSA Mobile Protection.
Creating the technical documentation for the proposal, I just found that we cannot enroll 1000 devices at once in the console.
This is naturally a major feature for a centrally managed mobile protection, is it implemented and maybe only I do not find it?
If not, how do you imagine to enroll 1000+ moilbes without it?
And when will you implement this?
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4 replies

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Hi Gyozo,
When you say "enroll 1000 devices at once" do you mean importing over 1000 users using the 'Import Users' option from the Users tab?
Also what error messages (if any) do you receive when attempting this?
I will try and replicate this with the rest of the team when the relevant mobile staff become available but any further clarification from yourself  in the meantime would help greatly.
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Hi FredFunk,
Yes, I was missing this 'Import Users'. Looks like I was too tired, sorry.
Thank you, now I found it :D
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Hi, are you talking about adding devices or enrolling users? The idea is somewhat unclear on which thing you are trying to do. Thanks!
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Thank you for your suggestion, this has been closed due to a lack of kudos from other community members. Please feel free to start a discussion and submit a new feature request if there is additional interest from other members. Thank you!