WSA Mobile Protection - Device settings for 1+ devices at once / Group management for mobile devices

  • 18 May 2013
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Our customer has 1000+ mobiles where they may want to use WSA Mobile Protection.
Creating the technical documentation for the proposal, I just found that we cannot set device setting for all or a selection of devices at once in the console.
This is naturally a major feature for any centrally managed protection, is it implemented?
If not, how do you imagine to use this solution on 1000+ moilbes without it?
Or when will you implement this?
Actually, my real feature request is to implement group management for mobile devices just the same way it is there for PCs and then every group should have its own device settings. (I do not understand why this is not already implemented so once on the PC side it is there and most llikely the same code could be used  - even if with minimal modifications - in this part of the console, too.)
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3 replies

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We are working to establish policy control for mobile devices. There is considerable work (both in the endpoint app and on the backend) to create this functionality so we do not have a timeline yet. But the work is currently in process.
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Thank you, nice to hear it.
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The original idea has been implemented. If there are additional questions please start a new idea or discussion thread. Thanks!