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Webroot Ambassador Program Kicks Off With A Bang!

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Webroot Ambassador Program Kicks Off With A Bang!



Webroot Ambassadors:  People Who Actually Love Their Security Vendor


Satisfaction with your security product tends to mean “I’m not cleaning up a breach” or “My business isn’t hacked.” But to many IT professionals today, they can’t even say that. Likely because according to a recent study*, 8 out of 10 companies suffered web-borne attacks in 2012.


At Webroot, we realized that our customers are not only “satisfied” in terms of our protection, but they truly love the innovative approach that we’ve taken on security – and in January 2013, we created a program to identify these folks and cultivate the relationship. We called this the Webroot Ambassador Program.


What is the Webroot Ambassador Program?


The Webroot Ambassador Program was created for our business customers who are passionate about security and truly appreciate how our products keep their businesses protected.


Ambassadors are self-identified advocates for Webroot who believe in the Webroot products and want to be a part of enhancing them and introducing them to others. Any Webroot customer of our four new business solutions - SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection, SecureAnywhere Mobile Protection, SecureAnywhere Business – User Protection, Webroot Web Security - is welcome to join.


Our original goal was to get 50 people to join. In just the first few months, 210 people raised their hands to be a part of the program. Anna Kim, Sr. Advocate Programs Manager, created the program and has been impressed with the success of it to date.


Anna explains it in her own words:



A key factor that also sets this program apart is that Webroot Ambassadors are not incentivized to participate in the program.  Instead, we send unique gifts as a thank you for participation in program activities. This not only makes the program more personal, but it shows that these advocates are not driven by dollars.


Ambassadors Get Involved




This program is more than a registration page. Once you join, you are part of the Webroot Ambassador Community. Members are invited to join a private group in our online Webroot  Business Community where Ambassadors interact with our developers to improve our products, help answer questions for new customers, and they get notified of upcoming releases before they are public.  


They also have access to a private group on Linkedin where we post updates as well.




Video Testimonials


Probably the most impressive piece of the Ambassador Program has been our video testimonials. In April, we surprised ten Ambassadors with green flipcams and asked them to record a video of their experience with Webroot.


No fancy production. No paid actors. We wanted raw, authentic stories. In exchange for their story, they could keep the camera.


Ambassadors 3.jpg


In the first week, we received eight files back! All contained great footage that we then turned into videos for YouTube and marketing assets. We now have 14 videos total.


Here are some examples of their videos:




Meetups , Webinars,  Case Studies


Other ways that Webroot Ambassadors have contributed is with their willingness to be thought leaders.


In the last month, we’ve invited Ambassadors to participate in local IT meetups, industry webinars, and case studies on a variety of industries and topics.


This has really allowed us to build an offline relationship with the participants in this program. By working on these activities together, we’ve been able to hear their stories, IT pains and get insight to what others may be experiencing in their respective industry.


Impact To The Business


While this program is still very new (and many of our new Ambassadors are relatively new customers), we’ve been able to see that of our 210 of our members, 20% have created new business for the company. They’ve done this via referrals, renewals and influence during the sales process.


We also recently added some of our video testimonials to our business landing pages as an A/B test. The version with the video testimonial increased page conversion from 2.29% to 7.74%. That’s the power of these stories!


To top it off, our Sales leaders have been impressed with the Ambassador Program. Not only have multiple Ambassadors assisted them on sales calls, but as Tim Sheahen, Director of Enterprise North America Sales notes, “Our customers are truly our best advocates


See his testimonial here:




Proud Highlights


Overall, as a company we’ve been incredibly proud of the Ambassador Program. Here are some highlights to date:


73percent.png  14Ambassadors.png  100+Ambassadors.png


Thank you to all our Ambassadors for making the first six months of this program so successful! We are looking forward to growing this program and seeing what the next six months brings.



*Webroot Web Security Study - March, 2013


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