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Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

Retired Webrooter
Retired Webrooter

Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

So there is something else to celebrate this week besides St. Patrick's Day - we've crossed over the threshold of 10,000 community members!


A big thank you to everyone who has made this possible.  We couldn't do it without all of your participating, answering questions, and welcoming new people.


We teamed up with our awesome marcom team to create a special infographic in honor of this event.  It includes fun stats about the community.  Feel free to share this with your friends and family (I've attached the PDF version as well):


Webroot-Community-10k members.jpg

Retired Webrooter
Retired Webrooter

Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

We also wanted to give special recognition to the top community members who've worked with us to make this community a success.  Here's a little something about the top 10 VIPs:


@Petrovic - Petrovic keeps everyone up to date on the latest security industry news and helps new members with any questions that they have about the Community or Webroot SecureAnywhere.


@Jasper_The_Rasper - Jasper_The_Rasper is our UK security expert and is always on top of the Security Industry News. He makes a point to welcome new members and congratulate them as they progress through the VIP ranks, and his presence is a key factor in the friendly atmosphere of the Community.


@ams963 - ams963 loves to learn and to share that knowledge with others. You can find him talking about security and tech-related news, as well as welcoming new members to the Community.


@cohbraz - cohbraz is an active member of both the Home and Business communities, and he helps with … He is also an active iRacer and drives a Webroot Chevy SS on the some of the world’s greatest race tracks – usually placing in the top 5 if not taking 1st.


@explanoit - explanoit is both a Webroot Ambassador and VIP, advocating for our business and home products. He is our resident Webroot SecureAnywhere for Business expert, and splits his time between submitting ideas and requests to our development team and answering questions from other members.


@Baldrick - Named after the famous Black Adder character, Baldrick is always welcoming and friendly to new members.  He's been around since the beginning of the Webroot community and watches to make sure we stay a fun and cheerful place to get help.


@ProTruckDriver - A former Navy man, ProTruckDriver brings his military discipline to the community with a sharp eye for reporting spam and catching bugs.  


@pegas - hailing from the Czech Republic, pegas brings a weath of technical expertise. He's a true gentleman and brings unfailing politeness and good cheer to all his posts.


@DavidP1970 - Close on TripleHelix's heels, DavidP is the second highest ranking member of the community.  His strong technical background is a great help to the community and his enthusiasm is infectious.


@TripleHelix - the highest ranking VIP and leader of the Power Users Group, TripleHelix brings a passion for community and all things Webroot.  He's always watching to make sure people get answers and that the community remains orderly and helpful.


Please join me in thanking them for their awesome contribution!

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Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

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Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

Congrats to everyone for making this Community the Best Online and just over 2 years old! Smiley Very Happy




Daniel !BIG.GIF





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Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

A Community is only as good as its members, and we have a lot of excellent people here. But even with good members, it takes a good team at Webroot . Well done to everyone at the Webroot team, you all deserve 10,000 kudo's for the effort you all have made into giving us users a good place to get help, information, and a touch of fun along the way!



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Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!


Nice to see the community continue to grow.
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Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

Great! Onwards and Upwards! Smiley Very Happy


There is a nice combination of Expertise and Friendliness here.


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Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

Hi Nic


Was going to come out with some long spiel, etc., and then I read David's most eloquent post...could not have put it better myself.  So I second that word for word and will just say.....CONGRATULATIONS & WELL DONE!



Regards, Baldrick



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Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!

Thanks to every one of our 10,000 members! We're glad that you like to talk about Webroot as much as we do. Smiley Happy

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Re: Webroot Community hits 10,000 members!




Well like Baldrick I cannot add much at all to Davids post, he made a great job.

But I will say that without all the members and a fantastic team at Webroot we would not have a Community here, so I think it is only fair that I thank everyone for helping to make this the great site that it is and lets hope that it continues to grow and develop.






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