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DNS Protection Reporting



We're currently running a demo of the DNS Protection agent.  So far, I like the ease of install; just enable it on the Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Policy and it gets installed pretty much immediately (next poll).  That's nice.  Also like the DNS protection at the network level - guest wifi, DNS forwarders.  So anything devices on the network get the benefit as well.


What I'm not liking is the reporting.  There's no way to do a custom report on a user's web browsing.  And there's no DNS Charts for the Dashboard.  It would be nice to quickly look at the Dashboard and see some charts for Web Browsing - Top Users, Threats Blocked, etc.  We're currently a Forcepoint shop and potentially looking to switch


Are there any Reporting updates coming soon to this product?



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Re: DNS Protection Reporting

I am glad to hear that the install is working well; it is definitely one of the strengths of the solution!


In relation to reporting, the Top Active Hosts report is the best report inside the console for capturing user DNS requests.


If you are looking for more detailed information, you can use the Webroot Unity API which has a ton of information in regards to DNS usage. Once extracted, this data can be fed into a reporting tool for custom reports. More information on what is available through the API for DNS can be found here:


I am also aware that BrightGauge recently released an integration and has dashboards you can build:


Another option we have in the works is a solution that leverages Microsoft Excel.  It uses the API to pull in and report on much of what you are looking for. If you are interested in this, please send me a message I will send over some information on the beta.


Hopefully this helps.  Any questions, just ask.


Thank you,


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Re: DNS Protection Reporting

Thanks, Jonathan.  I'll check out those solutions.  And I'll send you a message regarding the Excel beta.





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Re: DNS Protection Reporting

Any other Webroot employees monitoring this?  I sent Jonathan a message 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything regarding the Excel beta for the DNS protection reporting.  Looks like he hasn't been online here in that same amount of time.

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Re: DNS Protection Reporting

Sorry to be slow responding.  Furtunately Anna pointed out your reply to me.  Look for a PM momuntarily.