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Re: can i add a password or PIN when Turn off webroot secureAnywhere temporally?

@akim wrote:

Here is the response from our product team:


This is a feature request that is absolutely on our radar, but we unfortunately don’t have a release date to share just yet.  We appreciate the importance of the feature and are working on a programme of releases through the next 6-9 months that will update the underlying code base for our console as well as its supporting technologies.


This foundational work will cement an enhanced and tuned platform for our services to run within, allowing our development teams to release this feature (along with additional administrative features) more easily than we currently can.  


Having said all of this, we’d love to make sure we have your request detailed accurately.  Would you be willing to join a call with one of our PM’s, and they can run through this, what’s in the pipeline and get your feedback on the direction we’re heading?


Any traction on this phone call, Anna?


I need to keep pushing on this one.  While I've detailed my request here, I can't stress how strongly this feature is needed, and has been needed for the several years it has been noted by myself and others through various feature requests.


Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: can i add a password or PIN when Turn off webroot secureAnywhere temporally?

I have not received an update, but I will find out and let you know. 

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