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Add Priorities to Support Requests

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Add Priorities to Support Requests

I think it would be helpful for both Webroot customers and Webroot support staff if ther was a method to add a priority or criticality field to support cases, and those should correlate to a response SLA.  Not having a defined response time by support is frustrating at the customer level - I don't know if support will respond this hour, today, tomorrow...




A configuration question that doesn't require an immediate attention.  The customer could categorize it as "low priority", which could translate to "Webroot will respond no later than next business day".  


A host that is currently infected with malware that was not detected by Webroot.  The customer could categorize this as "Critical" which could translate to "Webroot will respond in  1 hour".

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Our team works hard to respond as quickly as possible to support requests. If an issue is urgent it is best to call us, as we do not have a method for prioritizing requests at this time.