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Agent Not Checked In Report/Alarm

Agent Not Checked In Report/Alarm

We'd like to create a report/alarm where we can view all endpoints that haven't checked in recently. We're thinking 2-3 weeks is the right threshold. We've had issues where Webroot "breaks" or stops reporting in, but the PC is still in use. We would like to monitor for these use cases. 


I see one request from 2013, did anything ever come of this?

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YES! We need a feature like this too!!


Let's do it Webroot!!

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion. In fact, we have been looking into this functionality. It's in the backlog!

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As our compan and our webroot deployment grows, I'm finding this to be a necessity.  I do not have the time to dedicate at digging through sites & agents and simply would like an alert for when an agent hasn't been seen.  This ties into the other suggestion regarding the removal of agents from the console after a certain period of inactivity.  Agent management continues to be a pain point, especially as the total count increases - alerting and automation around this is something that would help me out.  Again, if any rules for inactivity and taking an action (deactivate/remove) can be built into the Webroot SecureAnywere with Unity plugin for Automate can be achieved - that would really be a huge win!

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I also really need this function. When will it appear?

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Is anything not in the backlog, because I have checked a lot of threads here and all seem to be in a "backlog"